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Thank you for making the AMPD Elevation Gala 2015 a success!


Gems of Advice from our Speakers


Islam doesn't need defending, it needs defining.

Be a player not a spectator.

Start with what you don't want to do and what you do want to do will appear.

Whatever you need to do don't do it alone.

The idea of "Islam at the Periphery" culture needs to define a new narrative for the future,

so that we do not simply carry yesterday's burden by making Islam survive,

but so we have a seat at the table writing tomorrow's history.


The power of developing meaningful relationships and seeking great mentors.

Do for others without expecting anything in return.

Stand by your values.

Follow your passions and love what you do.

Allah (SWT) is the best of planners.  Our life here is a test.

"Hajj: A journey that starts off by seeking for His forgiveness
and culminates with giving out forgiveness to others"




Develop Professional Skills for Community Service 

Seek success in this life and in the Hereafter

"When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except three:

ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, and righteous offspring who will pray for him." (Muslim)




Innovative Thinking!

The Klyde Warren Park project in downtown Dallas




Keys to Professional Success:



& Action






Event Testimonials:


"It is so beautiful to see young Muslims demonstrate quality leadership and selfless giving, and perhaps equally important, witness the community recognize them for their sacrifices... I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to the event. I thoroughly enjoyed attending, meeting new people and learning so much. I pray that Allah (SWT) accepts from all of you, and reward amply for the wonderful work you are doing."

With peace and blessings,

Dr. Mohammad Lazzouni
Key-Note Speaker


"I propose that many, many years from now, what was accomplished today will be a story, a memory, a milestone - in the history of being a Muslim in Dallas. The same way we remember the imam's who first brought this community together from a group of immigrants from around the world, I believe that today was a momentous occasion where this event put a stake in the ground. A declaration of what we are capable of, who we are, and how together, we can elevate the experience of everyone and everything we touch... We were a real team today. We moved with the power of one and were a force so fierce, that we inspired so many others to do, build and achieve more. Imagine how many people went home with smiles on their faces, and felt like they weren't alone, that someone cared for them, and was willing to work their bones off to help others.. May Allah swt continue to bless us with such good fortune, ameen." 


Respectfully, Sincerely, and with Love,

Muzamil Ahmad
AMPD Leadership & Development Chair


"Congratulations AMPD Team! What a well planned and executed gala! Everything was beautiful and it was a lovely evening! Already looking forward to next year's event!"

Ayesha Shafi
AMPD Advisory Board


"Enjoyed attending this beautifully organized, packed with elegance and inspiration AMPD Elevation Gala 2015 tonight."


Nikhat Qureshi

AMPD Member


"Phenomenal event! ‪#‎ampdgala‬ Who knew the Klyde Warren park was conceived and designed by a Muslim in Dallas?"

Aemad Aslam

AMPD Advisory Board


"Great job yesterday!! Great event, good food, good speeches!"

Sana Kamdar

AMPD Formal Committee






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