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Community Service

AMPD is committed to bringing awareness to Dallas/Fort Worth community service initiatives. By collaborating on service projects, AMPD's Community Service Committee aims to provide opportunities to AMPD members to give back and strengthen our local communities. AMPD community service projects reflect a universal (interdenominational and interfaith) commitment to social service. 

Do you have any suggestions for community service projects? Share your ideas here


AMPD's Marketing team develops the overall marketing strategy and implementation for AMPD with the goal of growing membership and event attendance. The Marketing Committee oversees brand health, identifies new types of marketing content, and builds relationship with local media outlets and organizations. For marketing we use a robust network of channels both online and offline for maximum exposure.



AMPD Programming organizes the Building Blocks for Professional Success series and the AMPD Elevation Gala which features high profile speakers, engaging ice-breaker activities, as well as an educational program on in-demand professional development topics recommended by our membership. 

Leadership & Development


AMPD's Leadership & Development team provides pinpoint mentorship by pairing AMPD members with AMPD Advisory Board members. They recently launched the monthly meet-ups series which provides AMPD members a regular meeting point to network with professionals each month.

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